what my heart knows – “murmuration”

via Daily Prompt: Murmuration


Murmuration. Murmuration..

It’s been a few months,

a rather long duration…

I tried to ignore it.

But I knew that I heard it.

Soon after we started

The first murmur was detected

You were not in love,

My dear, were you not?

He is too young.

He is too rash.

He is too earnest.

These murmurs persisted.

It’s too good to be true,

Such fortune to befall you?


Don’t fall for it

It’s a scam,

Best run for it.

And these murmurs, they lasted

And lasted,


I sat, and I listened

I sat, and I listened.


It’s been a few months,

quite a long duration…

He will come around,

He’ll come back.



August 1st, sound of cicadas…

Here, in Korean summers, cicadas have a way of transporting you into another dimension; a world sustained by the vibrations of their humming; a world colored mute by the frequency of their voices; where the suffocating heat of summer stills to a comfortable warmth and you find yourself melting into one with the cicadian chorus.

I become the hum, I become sound, a vibration, the sound wave, mere energy. One and the same with their song. A member of their cicada world. A buzzing leaf, a trembling tree trunk, earth energizing.

And so it is, the power of the cicadas – to hush the cacophonous city sounds with its grand quilt of humming, and bring the true listener to awareness, albeit momentary. And one recalls, Nature – yes, we live(d) in; Human – yes, we all are; Life – yes, we live; and that is all. That we were and are mere human beings living life in Nature.

That is all.

First blog post


I am an oatmeal raisin cookie who has been blessed with the opportunity to live life as a human being on this planet. For how long? Only the cookie gods know. So, I intend to make the most of my time here to the best of my cookie abilities. And to write as much and best I can about this wonderful human life I’m living.

This oatmeal raisin cookie has lived in the U.S., Canada, and Singapore, and currently resides back in her human hometown of Seoul, South Korea.

Cookie cheers 🙂