the night a dream became reality.

the night a secret died.



And once I’d sung

Even just for a very short while

I felt so much better.

My body stopped aching.

I felt brighter. Lighter. Stronger. Happy.

I just felt better.

Time and My Being…

The most intentional passing of time felt in a most unintentional passivity of being. Is how I would describe. Several of the largest chunks of my thirty odd years on this planet. Thus far.



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January_the first Tuesday of 2018

For better or for worse, my body has decided to be feeling low as we enter the new year.

Much is on my mind and much needs to be done, yet my body calls for rest, quiet, and alone-time.

This could merely be a natural reaction to the over-extroverted lifestyle this holiday season required of me (birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day meet-ups and celebrations on end), which I naturally enjoyed, to the fullest.

Regardless, it has taken a toll on me and I’m struggling to recover, whilst continuing to be fairly booked for most of this first week of 2018 as well, for various appointments and dinners with people I respect, love, and am grateful for.

So, herein lies the dilemma.

I am physically and mentally not feeling up for occasions I am normally more than down for, in principle and heart.

What to do…? What to do?

If only there was some way that I could fully recharge physically in one night, and recuperate for at least the past thirty nights worth of accumulated energy depletion. If only…

Or, if I could actually just find some time to rest. That, too, would be great.

Anyhow, Happy New Year.

I am Adult.

So, is this what it means to be Adult?

Caress one another until the mild to ravenous heat of passion overcomes the lovers, and after Climax speak of premonitions and feelings?

fleeting thoughts one too soon forgets, despite the deeply morose and deeply soulful nature of such thoughts, feels, and forebodings?

So casual, so natural, so light.

So usual, so normal, so right.

So it seems, I am an adult now.

So it seems, I am, Adult.

December_the first Sunday

Good Morning

11:29 – In bed, retainers and glasses on, rheum and all

Awoken without a desire in the world but to remain in bed and let me just be.

Five thousand things to do that I choose to leave as things to do, not things I’ve done, for now.

Is it that December is here, the month so many fortune tellers have warned me about?

Yet I mustered up enough willpower to be writing about it.

A good enough start to the day for me.