Something is coming

I can sense it.
I close my eyes.
And something from the right,
A blasting scream
A woman’s shriek.
Long, black, ruffled, coarse
She screams with all her might,
I’m gladdened by the sound.
It tickles me,
My Heart
Wants to know,
Awaits more

I sense it.
Something is coming.

She is Fierce.
She is insistent.
She is Loud,
But calls from afar.
Yet I feel her
So close.
I feel,
So close.

Her nails are clawing
She is reaching
And reaching
Her legs flailing,
And kicking

She wants to be free.
She wants to run.
She wants to gallop.
But she doesn’t want to flee.

Not away from something,
But towards somewhere.

She wants to feel the wind.
She wants to drink the raindrops.
She wants to smell the Earth.
She wants to be her Beast.

She wants to be bare.
She wants to receive.
She smells the moist air
If only she could reach…

It’s almost an orgasm
I feel
Her coming.
She is so desperate
She is making me tear.
She is in agony,
She knocks, and bangs

She fights for her life.
Not a life,
But her life.

She hisses her tongue,
She knows a secret language
I don’t know
But she is so clever,
She knows.
Her time is almost up.
She will come out soon.
Let all men dread
Her return.
Her run.
Her wrath.
Her love.
Her path.

Soon, she will come.
She will come.
She will come.

Yes, she will come
She will come
She is.


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