Quick Cookie Update

Hello Cookiverse,

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie reporting.

Cookie went to work in Beijing for the past three months.

Oh dear, it was tough.

The air pollution was really bad. Cookie had a hard time breathing.

Work was both a great learning experience as well as a very stressful experience. But that’s how it normally is, right?

I got to meet a lot of other cookies while I was in Beijing. Some nice cookies. Some crazy cookies. Some good-looking cookies.

And, alas, big news, Cookie fell in love.

I will call him…Snickerdoodle Cookie. Because…he makes me smile. 🙂

But Snickerdoodle lives in China* .

I, am now, back in Korea.

And, with relations between China and Korea gone bad in the human world because of THAAD, he won’t be able to visit me in Korea for awhile.

I don’t know when I’ll ever see him again.

Anyhow, Cookie understands that this is “the way of the world”, so Cookie will just wait to see if the cookie gods bring us together again.

Aside from the waiting Cookie must endure for this wonderful gift of the human experience called love, Cookie is also waiting to receive news about another exciting part of human life – getting a job.

For the past few weeks, Cookie has been waiting to hear back from some humans who wanted to hire Cookie for work. Cookie does not love waiting for so long. Cookie must find work soon so Cookie can make money and pay human life bills. But, Cookie is trying to “keep her cool” because…cookies should be kept at cool temperatures.


So, after returning to Korea, Cookie has been resting and writing, and doing a whole lot of waiting.

I think the Cookiverse is sending me a message to be patient.

Maybe this is training for when I one day return to my home bakery and begin my Great Wait for Destiny. Who knows?


Cookie cheers 🙂




*how did a Snickerdoodle Cookie end up in China? I don’t know!! But like I like to say, only the cookie gods know!



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