Pictures Paint A Thousand, But I Just Need One

Good to see

Good to see

My book

On your desk.

The book that I gifted you

The book that I gave you

My book

On your new desk

In your new home

In your new neighbourhood

Of your new life.


Good to see


So good to see



But, see, I’d be real happy


If you could say something

Say anything

To me.


Anything, baby.



Say anything to me…


New Moon, moving

he’s moving

he’s moving

my baby’s moving with the new moon

the new moon

it’s a new moon

the moon moves my baby



my baby moves

by the same moon that moves me

we move




travel safe love

be light my dear

for the moon takes you



all places you go.

and if those places be

far, farther from me

so shall it be.

for it is the moon that leads



from me.

it is the moon that leads


you and me.

cradling a stillborn

for how long can you cradle a stillborn in your arms

can you stare him to life

can you cry him to life

can you kiss him to life

breathe him to being


will you call out his name, if he has one

will you plead his departing soul, “Please stay

will you fight his stillness

will you insist

will you let go

will you release

will you open your arms

let the angels carry him

let your bosom be bare

let your heart tear


would you hold him dear still

would you hold him still dear

dear would you still hold him

dear would you hold him still

a recollection of a night dream whilst reading “Women Who Run With the Wolves”

night dream


he had left me,

i had gone searching

he came back

and led me back to my room


and we were caught

i wanted to save him

from going back

to that place that held him blind


but we were caught



torn apart


i went back for him

i went back to him


but old nuns in black and white

they led me to a pond

it was a peaceful pond

a small pond

the stones were round

the stones were big

and dark, like black

smooth granite


with solemn looks

on their aged faces

but eyes understanding

they led me to peace


a pond of peace

a pond of quiet

they led me to…

on proving love

does the ability to wait endlessly, for days and weeks on end, with no word or contact, in any shape or form, whatsoever, from you, my dearly beloved, prove my love for you?

does the ability to wait silently, prove my love for you?

or does the ability to wait in soliloquy, prove my love for you?

does the ability to wait, in un-waiting, sans any expectation, prove my love for you?

and what about you, my dear?

would your ability to find time for me, your dearly beloved, despite the chaos in your life, prove your love for me?

would your ability to better balance work and love, prove your love for me?

would your ability to become more available, prove your love for me?

but, would you, do you even desire to?…to prove your love to me?

what my heart knows – “murmuration”

via Daily Prompt: Murmuration


Murmuration. Murmuration..

It’s been a few months,

a rather long duration…

I tried to ignore it.

But I knew that I heard it.

Soon after we started

The first murmur was detected

You were not in love,

My dear, were you not?

He is too young.

He is too rash.

He is too earnest.

These murmurs persisted.

It’s too good to be true,

Such fortune to befall you?


Don’t fall for it

It’s a scam,

Best run for it.

And these murmurs, they lasted

And lasted,


I sat, and I listened

I sat, and I listened.


It’s been a few months,

quite a long duration…

He will come around,

He’ll come back.