August 1st, sound of cicadas…

Here, in Korean summers, cicadas have a way of transporting you into another dimension; a world sustained by the vibrations of their humming; a world colored mute by the frequency of their voices; where the suffocating heat of summer stills to a comfortable warmth and you find yourself melting into one with the cicadian chorus.

I become the hum, I become sound, a vibration, the sound wave, mere energy. One and the same with their song. A member of their cicada world. A buzzing leaf, a trembling tree trunk, earth energizing.

And so it is, the power of the cicadas – to hush the cacophonous city sounds with its grand quilt of humming, and bring the true listener to awareness, albeit momentary. And one recalls, Nature – yes, we live(d) in; Human – yes, we all are; Life – yes, we live; and that is all. That we were and are mere human beings living life in Nature.

That is all.